Mission Resilience: A Veteran's Guide to managing Anxiety & PTSD

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Online Self-Paced Course developed by a Johns Hopkins Trained, Board-Certified Psychiatrist, & Air Force Veteran.

Dr. Prashant Sharma was a Flight Surgeon in the US Air Force before training in the field of Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is also an Instructor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He has helped hundreds of Veterans with Nexus Letters for VA Disability Claims and now wants to bring his knowledge about solutions for PTSD & Anxiety to you.

What you'll get:

  • Lifetime Access to the 6 Module Course with videos and audio

  • Individual Worksheets and Guides in each Module/Lesson

  • Completion Certificate at end of the course that you can use for records

Module 1: Introduction & How to Use the Course

Module 2: Origins of PTSD & Anxiety. Beginning to understand how to fight both.

Module 3: Tools for the Fight. Getting symptoms under control, getting to the root causes, and different types of therapy techniques.

Module 4: Anger & Irritability - figuring out where they come from and how to disarm them.

Module 5: Ikigai, Purpose in Life, and Meaning behind Intense Suffering.

Module 6: Conclusion, Reflections, and Thoughts for the Future.

Each Module comes with worksheets, easy to refer to guides, videos, and audio. You can watch the course or listen to the audio version on the go. The completion certificate at the end can be used for your own records, medical records, and/or VA disability claims.

This course is not considered or meant to be medical or psychiatric treatment. The course is meant only for educational purposes. Please discuss your individual case with your Primary Care Physician, Provider, Therapist, and/or Psychiatrist.

What People Are Saying:

Dr. Sharma's self help course has been a tremendous help to me. I use the square breathing and mindfulness techniques I learned in this course to help me get to sleep each night. I also use them to calm myself when feeling anxiety. This course is expertly written and well worth the small fee. Thank you Dr. Sharma!

Veteran Bill Dubord

This course is excellent. Most of the information pertains to me and the struggles I face. I enjoyed the format of the course with video lectures, worksheets, and guides. I am glad I can go back and refer to the information any time I need a refresher. I am making progress on a regular basis because of the concepts taught by Dr. Sharma. I am doing the best with the cards that were dealt to me – receiving my draft notice and going to Vietnam. Dr. Sharma, you are the best! You have helped me in a number of ways. Thank you, sir!

Veteran Michael Ritter

Dr. Sharma has developed a self-help process for treatment! The course provides enough information on treatment techniques to make a start in a do-it-yourself approach. You become conversant with the terminology and learn what may work for you. I grabbed on to “square breathing” and “mindfulness” as my go-to’s for now. The course does award a certificate to document your self-treatment and that is very helpful in demonstrating that you are working on your problems. I recommend doing the various worksheets multiple times as you make headway in understanding your situation. I never knew what psych treatment would be like and avoided trying to get into it – fear, I guess. This course is dissolving my fear. Bottom line, I found the course a to be very skillfully designed and executed – well worth the small cost I paid.

Veteran Bill Roderick

I am a retired Active-Duty military Nurse Corps Officer with 26 years of service and combat deployment to OEF. I reviewed Dr. Sharma's course as a professional courtesy. His online program has many advantages for Veterans. Many Veterans are resistant to talk to providers (or anyone for that matter) about their mental health issues, yet the same Veterans need professional intervention. This course fills that void but can also be implemented in conjunction with therapy and medication from other providers. This online program is very holistic just as Dr. Sharma is very holistic in his approach to caring for his patients. While watching and listening to his videos, I felt as if I was sitting across from a very caring and thoughtful provider. He facilitates self-assessment to determine root cause. He then provides strategies and walks the viewer through implementation of said strategies to address the nuance of symptomatology. Being able to see him and hear him explain in a very easy to understand manner made this course enjoyable. This course is a potential life changer for Veterans and their families. I strongly recommend this course to anyone suffering from anxiety and/or PTSD.

Lieutenant Commander (Retired) David Share

$95.00 USD