Independent Medical Opinions/Nexus Letters

Dr. Sharma completes evaluations for Veterans applying for Mental Health, Neurological, and other Disability Claims



Mission Resilience: For Veterans with PTSD and/or Anxiety

Dr. Sharma hosts this Comprehensive Self-Paced Online Course - Designed to help Veterans deal with PTSD and Anxiety symptoms. Includes a Course Completion Certificate.



Online Course for Primary Care, Internal Medicine, & OB-GYN Clinicians

Dr. Sharma hosts this Comprehensive Self-Paced Online Course - Treating Depression & Anxiety effectively & confidently in the Primary Care Setting


FREE Tutorial on Creating your own Online Course

Let Dr. Sharma guide you in creating your own online course to generate passive income! Free Tutorial Video with links to useful platforms, software, & gadgets needed as well.


About Dr. Prashant Sharma

Dr. Sharma graduated from medical school in New York and then served as a Flight Surgeon in the US Air Force. After completing his military service, Dr. Sharma completed a residency in Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, and is a Board Certified Psychiatrist. He created Concise Psych out of a desire to assist Veterans with Independent Psychiatric Evaluations and to help Clinicians treat Depression & Anxiety more effectively.

⚕️ Quoted as a Primary Source in Forbes Health

🎤 Guest on TheCivDiv Livestream on VA Disability Claims & Nexus Letters

🎙️ Guest on the Battle Buddy Podcast with Keith McKeever

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📙 Free Resource: AI App to find a Therapist/Psychiatrist who accepts your insurance


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What People Are Saying

Our Clients' success speaks volumes.

"Dr. Sharma acts and performs as would be expected of a quality and patient focused military officer and physician."

David Share

Former US Navy Officer

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"He was compassionate and non-judgemental when it came to personal topics involving my life and family." 

William Pugliese

Former US Marine

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"You will find him easy to talk too and very skillful in getting at the important details needed for an effective independent medical opinion and disability exam." 

Bill Roderick

Former US Army Officer

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